Hasan Kaymak Renders the HTC Android Wear Watch: HTC One Wear

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LG, Samsung and Motorola are getting a lot of coverage lately thanks to their Android Wear watches, so HTC must get in the game before it’s too late. Luckily we have concept designers like Hasan Kaymak to render the future smartwatches. He imagined the HTC One Wear, shown below:

htc one wear concept 1

This is an Android Wear device with a metallic body, a minimalistic interface and a few classical buttons on the side. The 3 pictures shown here offer us a glimpse into the phone call area, the weather app and music app. The design opts for the circular approach like Moto 360, not the rectangular one of the LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live. From what I can see, the bracelet is metallic, or at least starts off that way.

htc one wear concept 3

I’m not sure that metal would suit the fragile skin of the wrist, that’s constantly rubbing against some fabric and all sorts of bothersome materials. I think that smartwatch makers should find a way to offer a more skin friendly material, not rubber, not plastic and not metal. Maybe a combination of canvas with some other sweat-free material. The UI is pretty much in line with the Android Wear direction.

What would you like on the smarwatch made by HTC?

htc one wear concept 2

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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