HTC 10 Has Its Full Render Leaked, Looks Horrible

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Not even the most hardcore HTC fan can claim that the HTC One M10, or as it’s now called HTC 10 looks good. Judging by the renders below published by Evan Blass, the device is going to be a failure, design-wise.

HTC 10 flagship ugly leak  (1)

It’s like HTC threw a splash of ugly on top of the HTC One A9 and encased it into an iPhone 3GS shell. I can’t really say what they’re thinking and since this site is all about phone design, we’ll go ahead and say it: those huge sloped bezels are doing nobody a favour. Unless they light up and offer extra sensorial perception, they’re no good.

HTC 10 flagship ugly leak  (3)

The facade looks like an iPhone 3GS and Nexus 4, so that’s also dated. Want innovation? Look at the LG G5, although even that one is a bit on the ugly side. Or better yet, look at Samsung, Huawei even and perhaps Vivo’s latest phone. HTC dropped the ball last year with the HTC One M9, but if these renders are real, they lost the ball this time… Sorry for being so aggressive, but something has to be done to save HTC from itself.

HTC 10 flagship ugly leak  (2)

[via, @evleaks and @onleaks]

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  • Noel

    HTC can not get away from huge bezels to save it’s life. Those bottom bezels could’ve been shaved off about a third. I mean what is the excuse..there are no ffs to even pretend the space was needed for them. They will really have to give us something extra special to ignore the presence of all that wasted space.
    The good thing is they have three tries to impress us…HTC 10, and the rumored two Nexus devices.

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