HTC One 2/ HTC M8 New Render is a Blocky Rectangle

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HTC M8 is coming and I mean the follow-up to the HTC One. No matter what the name will be, the device has to be spectacular, or else HTC may not have a future. Well, Christof Gruber has his own vision of the new device and he shows it to us below.

HTC M8 One 2 concept 1

This HTC M8 concept features a 9 mm thick case and a 4.95 inch 2K display, as well as a quad core Snadpragon 800 CPU. The OS here is Android 4.4.1 with HTC Sense 6.0. We’ve got 4 GB of DDR3 RAM inside, 32 GB of storage and a 6 Ultrapixel camera. Upfront there’s a 2.9 MP cam and on board we find HTC Zoe 2, GPS, Glonass, WiFi and BoomSound.

The battery here is a 3200 mAh unit, that would explain how bulky this model seems. Infrared is included among the specs, plus a fingerprint scanner that I spotted below the camera. The cam seems to have a dual LED flash and the screen upfront looks like an edge to edge affair. Does this device look blocky or what?

[Thanks Christof Gruber]

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