HTC 2020 Wearable Phone Rendered by Philipp Skorobogatov

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Using tools like Keyshot and Rhino 3D, designer Philipp Skorobogatov has envisioned the HTC 2020 concept. This one is both a smartphone and a wearable device, with lots of personality and… personalization.

HTC 2020 concept wearable phone 1

The core here is a fancy and simple bracelet, with modular aspects and the ability to customize both its looks and features. The same designer dreams about energy saving screens, that don’t need to be turned off and nifty color choices on that glossy rounded screen panel. This model was a finalist in the HTC 2020 design competition and it was actually created in 2013, so it was even more ahead of its time.

HTC 2020 concept wearable phone 2

From what I can see, there’s a core metal skeleton with comfy pads for your hand and a curved glass piece at the top. We can’t help but wonder if the body frame is really made of metal, or some sort of flexible plastic material, that bends, flexes and becomes a phone.

[via Behance]

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