HTC Two Concept by Arthur Reis; Maybe This is the Way M8 Will Look?

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Lately there have been quite a few leaks of the HTC M8 phone, the supposed successor of the HTC One. Now Arthur Reis imagined a future flagship, dubbed HTC Two, that you can check out below.

HTC Two concept M8

The basic lines of the HTC One design are here, but this time the volume buttons have been tweaked a bit and there’s a slight iPhone-ish look to this model. The BoomSound speakers are still here, but only at the top of the front area, nothing at the bottom. The HTC Two also looks a bit wider than the HTC One, perhaps incorporating a bigger Full HD screen, with a 5 or 5+ inch diagonal.

The chassis of this HTC concept phone is made of aluminum, glass and probably some polycarbonate insertions are here as well, for the sake of the signal. Its display seems like edge to edge material and the camera lens may be as big as the huge one on the Nexus 5. What do you think of this render?

[via Arthur Reis]

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