HTC One M10 Concept Gets Teased by Ashraf Amer (Video)

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With the general consensus being that the HTC One M9 is a bit of a letdown, it’s time to dream of the future… the remote future that is. The close future may involve a HTC One E9 or M9 Plus, but in the meantime designer Ashraf Amer looks at 2016 and a HTC One M10 concept is born.

HTC One M10 concept teaser

All we have right now is the image above and the video teaser below. The designer claims the HTC One M10 will come with an octa core processor, 4 GB of RAM and more specs will be revealed soon. The body seems to be an unibody metallic one and the volume buttons are unified on the side. Considering the Snapdragon 810 has some problems, the next HTC flagship may opt for a MediaTek or even Intel solution.

I expect the design to be slightly tweaked from the current one, that has basically been the same for 3 generations in a row. I expect 3 GB of RAM on board, 32 GB of storage, a powerful back camera and front cam as well. It would be cool if somehow the next HTC flagship would integrate the 3D cameras of the Dell Venue 8 7000… just an idea.

[via Ashraf Amer]

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