HTC M8 Render Take 4: Not Far From the Original One!

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Created by Rishi Ramesh, the following HTC M8 concept doesn’t stray very much from the design language of the HTC One. It’s the device’s follow-up after all, so this makes sense. The handset features an edge to edge screen, probably a 5 incher.

htc m8 concept 1

The body seems to be metallic and there’s a certain shiny metallic edge around it. The display here is probably a Full HD or 2K one, as rumored and inside it we may find the Snapdragon 800 or Snapdragon 805 CPU. HTC may want a newer CPU, since they lost the chance to implement a novelty on the HTC One Max and put the older Snapdragon 600 inside, so they have to make it up for that.

htc m8 concept 2

The camera, button and speaker placement from the HTC One is the same here, at least on the facade. I sure hope that the buttons of the HTC M8 provide a better feedback than those on the HTC One. To me a big old slab of glass and metal sounds fragile. How can we get a device with an edge to edge screen, with glass that goes to the edge and not break it easily?

htc m8 concept 3

[via HTC Mate]

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