HTC One Max 2 Gives New Hope to Elegant Phablets

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It’s no secret that the HTC One Max wasn’t exactly a hit for the Asian device maker, so hopefully version 2.0 of the phablet will solve all the problems. Hasan Kaymak Innovations has rendered this model, taking one or two cues from the leaked HTC One M9 renders.

HTC One Max 2 concept hasan kaymak 1

The device features a big front camera with center placement and slit-shaped speakers. It has a Duo camera at the back and a bezel-free edge to edge display. If the phablet approach is kept from the predecessor, this one should be a model with a 5.5+ inch screen, maybe even a 6 incher. The unit seems to be made of metal, with an unibody aluminum shell included.

Android 5.0 with HTC Sense 7.0 is available here and I’m expecting optical image stabilization on the back camera, 4K video capture, 3D features and obviously refocus functions. Seeing how this is a big device and HTC never liked ultraslim models, HTC One Max 2 could be a biggie, with a 9 or 8 mm waistline.

HTC One Max 2 concept hasan kaymak 2

HTC One Max 2 concept hasan kaymak 3

HTC One Max 2 concept hasan kaymak 4

HTC One Max 2 concept hasan kaymak 5

[via Hasan Kaymak Innovations]

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  • Gerald Dichiara Jr

    HTC ONE MAX 2 at 6″ is Great!

    Also, with 64Gb, 128GB, and a Top Model at 256GB would be GREAT!

    Something that HTC can be the FIRST to do is to put a FRONT FLASH on this for taking Selfie’s in Low Light or at Night situations where Extra Light Would be Needed to take such Pictures.

  • Noel

    Yup about time we get an HTC device with 128GB internal storage plus the 128GB micro SD card slot. If the new comer Saygus with their new Saygus V2 can have a 64GB internal storage plus two 128GB micro SD card slots for a total of 320GB, then HTC can also come close or beat that grand 320GB total. Awesome design i must add.

  • Juan renteria

    Please continue making the HTC One max2 the most smart phone out there that has this beautiful design powerful components and 828 gigabyte internal storage I’ll be nice to have a 256 internal storage with a six inch screen a very powerful rear view camera as well as the front camera please make this phone thank you thank god bless you