HTC Omni Luxury Smartwatch Runs Android Wear, Looks Wonderful (Video)

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There are very few things nowadays that can be called “wonderful” and among them there’s this HTC concept smartwatch, created by Vishal Bhanushali. This one is a metallic smartwatch, that’s truly premium and runs Android Wear.

HTC Omni Android Wear smartwatch 1

It’s also shown in gold, looking absolutely stunning in that flavour. The belt is sectioned, following a trend that has been available on watches for many decades now. Its main body is not square, neither circular, but rather rectangular and slightly curved from the profile. We have a dial on the side of the HTC Omni concept smartwatch and the screen looks great, especially with those animations on top of it and beautiful transitions for the various social networking apps.

Vishal included solar cells in the metal strap for extra battery life and overall this looks like a great piece of work. It also looks pretty resilient, but not exactly waterproof. This is more of a premium product, rather than your run of the mill fitness freak accessory filled with gimmicks. It only serves as an Android Wear machine, with a basic CPU and a premium price for a premium body.

HTC Omni Android Wear smartwatch 2

[via Vishal Bhanushali]

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