HTC One O2 Render Has a Slight Nexus 6P Vibe, Too Many Buttons

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Designer Vineet Kumar has mailed us his render of the HTC One O2, pictured below. The device feels like a familiar face, because it resembles the Huawei Nexus 6P a tad. It feels like a gold bar, but one made of not so precious metal, most likely aluminum.

HTC One O2 concept 1

Its case is glossy and rather bulky and the glossiest parts seem to be the edges. Interestingly there’s a speaker at the top, if I’m not mistaking and no trace of frontal BoomSound speakers. The facade is all glass, totally covered up with a panel, with holes drilled for the earpiece, selfie cam and sensors. The audio jack and probably USB Type C port are at the bottom, while the sides host quite massive volume buttons on one side and what appears to be a strange elongated button on the other side.

HTC One O2 concept 2

It feels like the designer forgot that he had the buttons one side and added more. It would be confusing to hold a phone like this because you’d surely press some of those buttons. Those are my 2 cents on the HTC One O2.

HTC One O2 concept 3

HTC One O2 concept 4

HTC One O2 concept 5

HTC One O2 concept 6

[via Vineet Kumar]


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  • Bart

    I just checked the HTC A9 (just announced). It appears much thinner than this concept is. (I am basing my comment comparing port size to phone height size.)

  • vineet kumar

    This is basically a HTC o2 concept. I remove the front facing boom sound speakers and moved it to the top side which is a single speaker but will give more clearer and quality sound. The screen bezel in this concept will be kept around 0.5mm. The main question arises here is why i put an elongated right side key on the concept model. This key is not a volume rocker key rather this is a touch sensor based multi-functional key.Just swipe your finger across this and it will work as a fingerprint sensor. Whether you are in contact menu, message menu, pdf reading mode,browsing, gallery,music,video,etc this will work as an independent key for each app. In contacts just swipe vertically to scroll, press it once and it will call your selected contact and prolonged press will open a special menu to edit contact,to send contact,add it to favorite,etc. while in message again the same type of functions. I put this key basically to use your smartphone a bit more hassle free. the prolonged pressing feature will be loaded with useful feature and the function that are used frequently. Like in browsing mode this key will adapt the browsing functions. swipe vertically to scroll, press it once to capture the content and prolonged pressing will lead to the menu that will contain add it as a bookmark, reading list, favorite list. The main motive of this key will be to keep your fingers away from the screen which will directly leads to less oil/grease accumulation.

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