HTC One O2 Render Has a Slight Nexus 6P Vibe, Too Many Buttons

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Designer Vineet Kumar has mailed us his render of the HTC One O2, pictured below. The device feels like a familiar face, because it resembles the Huawei Nexus 6P a tad. It feels like a gold bar, but one made of not so precious metal, most likely aluminum.

HTC One O2 concept 1

Its case is glossy and rather bulky and the glossiest parts seem to be the edges. Interestingly there’s a speaker at the top, if I’m not mistaking and no trace of frontal BoomSound speakers. The facade is all glass, totally covered up with a panel, with holes drilled for the earpiece, selfie cam and sensors. The audio jack and probably USB Type C port are at the bottom, while the sides host quite massive volume buttons on one side and what appears to be a strange elongated button on the other side.

HTC One O2 concept 2

It feels like the designer forgot that he had the buttons one side and added more. It would be confusing to hold a phone like this because you’d surely press some of those buttons. Those are my 2 cents on the HTC One O2.

HTC One O2 concept 3

HTC One O2 concept 4

HTC One O2 concept 5

HTC One O2 concept 6

[via Vineet Kumar]

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