HTC Sense 4.5 Concept – Premium UI for Android 4.0 or Even Jelly Bean?

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Hasan Kaymak is well known on our website for his HTC concepts and now he did something different – an interface design. He created the HTC Sense 4.5 render you can see below, a very beautiful attempt to imagine what the future version of the HTC UI will be like. Right now we’re officially at version 4.0 that complements Android 4.0 and I imagine that version 4.5 will either fit Jelly Bean or an ICS upgrade.

Moving on to the rendered interface, you can see that the ring lock mechanism is still here and we also get a brand new Google Assistant voice companion like Siri. Unless I’m mistaking, this one can even interpret your gestures and face, which is very cool. We can access the voice command from the lock screen and HTC Sense 4.5 integrates folders in the dock area of the screen, a very clean and pretty standard weather widget and a new UI for the socializing feature… or is it the Facebook app?

I can see that there’s also a tile view for applications present on the phone and that the 7 home screens were kept. The experience is very clean and button sliders have been changed to a combo of grey and green, that together with the black background make out the HTC brand identity. What do you think this interface concept needs and what are you most happy about in it? Nice notification area by the way, with the weather and Facebook integration.

[Cheers Hasan Kaymak]