Sony Xperia N, a Design by Frank Tobias

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Frank Tobias has one again created a Sony Xperia concept, that’s pictured below, fresh after the Eterion model. Meet the Sony Xperia N, a handsome Android 4.0 phone with 3 capacitive buttons below the screen and a pretty long handset, if you ask me. The design is somewhat similar to the one of the Xperia Ion, but not quite…

This is still a unique render, in that it has some sort of frame surrounding the entire phone and separating itself from the lower side, where the Xperia logo lies. There’s a camera button on the left, as well as the volume buttons. Considering that recently Xperias have been all about that transparent notification area at the bottom that lights up, this is a breath of fresh air, coming straight from the world of concepts. I’d see this model with an 8/12MP camera, 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot and a dual core CPU.

1GB of RAM, a front camera, maybe LTE and NFC should also make the cut. I guess that the ON/OFF button is placed at the top, together with the audio jack and maybe the microUSB port as well. Not sure if a microHDMI finds its place here, but it would surely be nice…

[via Frank Tobias]