HTC Smart Watch Design by Snake Chang is Clearly Inspired by the HTC One

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In the search of the perfect smartwatch design, various concept art creators have resorted to either adapting phone designs to the smaller wrist format or simply relying on a rounded shell and curved glass screen. Snake Chang has opted for the former option for his HTC Smart Watch design.

HTC Smart Watch design 1

He took the HTC One or One M8 as inspiration, since this model was created last October and the One M9 wasn’t out yet. Then the adapted that shell to fit the wrist and probably surpassed the typical sub 2 inch diagonal and got closer to 3 inches. The body is rectangular with a generous room for the leather belt. There’s plenty of room for HTC BlinkFeed on the screen and the body adopts an unibody approach, with metal as the material of choice, probably aluminum.

HTC Smart Watch design 2

I see there’s only one physical button on the side, so the touch is the core of interaction here. While the body remains relatively slim, the edges where the belt clips are quite big and not very eye pleasing. Maybe making them more discrete would also decrease the bulky nature of the HTC smartwatch. However, there are still some people who prefer massive watches…

HTC Smart Watch design 3

HTC Smart Watch design 4

[via Coroflot]

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