Microsoft Lumia 888 is a Fully Curved Phone, Rendered by Micheal Muleba

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Designer Micheal Muleba has rendered a new handset, the Microsoft Lumia 888, a fully curved smartphone with a rubber back and polycarbonate body. This feels like more of a big bracelet than a phone to be honest.

Microsoft Lumia 888 curved phone 1

The designer claims that his concept packs a 20 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera and a 4K display, as well as wireless charging. Wireless headphones are also included and the device is quite elegant and prone for flexing like the LG G Flex 1, since the G Flex 2 was a bit more stiff. The only problem I have here is the back and the lack of ability to simply rest on a flat surface.

Microsoft Lumia 888 curved phone 2

Also, this phone may grip to the edge of your back or pocket when pulled out. Of course, if the top and bottom edge can become flat, that’s no longer a problem. I’m guessing that Windows 10 Mobile runs the show together with a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

[Thanks Micheal Muleba]

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