HTC One Tigon is a Brand New Handset With Android 4.4 (Video)

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HTC One Tigon is a brand new design from Hasan Kaymak, who never ceases to amaze us with his concepts. This is an octa core device with a SLCD4 display, Android 4.4 as the OS and a 4650 mAh battery inside.

HTC One Tigon concept 1

The battery life is supposed to be up to 1 week here and we also get BoomSound and Beats Audio technologies on board. There’s a 5 megapixel front facing camera with Ultra HD video recording on board and this time there’s no touch buttons, so you’ll rely on gestures. These gestures will be applied in the area of the HTC logo.

HTC One Tigon concept 4

HTC One Tigon is supposed to be the thinnest smartphone by HTC ever. We’re seeing here an idea that we’ve also spotted on other devices: sliding volume buttons, that also support various camera features. We’ve got a Human Eye camera feature, allowing the user to take perfect pictures. There’s 2 LEDs intelligently integrated into the camera mechanism.

You can personalize this handset by changing the cover frame and we’ve also got the ability to remove the back cover and take out the microSD card, plus change the battery and the back cover. We’ve also got a clip from Hasan Kaymak below, detailing this HTC concept:


[via Hasan Kaymak Innovations]

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