New Windows Phone Render Polar and 360 Generation Change the Concept of Mobile Screens

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Ken Dech created the wonderful concept here, but he also envisioned two interesting Windows Phone concepts, by tweaking the visual experience. He implemented new screens. In the case of the Polar concept, it goes something like this:

Windows Phone 360 concept 2

The device’s screen has 2D and 3D capability and it’s always ready to extend the tile UI experience to Windows systems. This is a screen that wraps around the crystal clear plastic of the handset and you can control the rear screen to make it clear or opaque, according to your needs. This could change the entire idea and the entire need of a flexible screen, by the way.

And then there’s the second Windows Phone 360 generation concept phone below, a beautiful piece of work that combines metal and glass. The screen is an edge to edge one and the feeling of this handset is the one of a metallic mouse, to be honest, a high tech one for that matter. The curvature of the screen makes this device look like a comfortable piece of handset.

Windows Phone 360 concept 1

What do you think?

[via Coroflot]

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