HTC Vintage, a Phone for Hipsters That Borrows the Look of a Radio From the Sixties

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Designer andrew_bogd sent us the HTC Vintage concept design, claiming that he drew his inspiration from a radio in the sixties. He also claims that this is a device he made especially for hipsters, so we’re not calling names here. Actually I’m not sure if “hipster” is an insult anymore nowadays…

This device looks a bit like the recent One Series model at the front, but it’s a tad bulkier and has more simplistic buttons. The back side is very original, although I’m not sure you’re supposed to place the camera sensor on top of the speaker grille, since the vibrations it generates would run the lens. Anyway, the whole metal grille at the back looks nice and it reminds me of a vintage car more than a vintage radio. No idea what the specs of this model are, but I guess it’s got a dual core CPU, Android 4.0, 5MP or 8MP camera and a 4+ inch display with qHD resolution.

It would be cool if this model was adorned on its surface with those old radio transistors that made the old machines function. Anyway, it’s a cool looking piece of gear and if it gets some special vintage apps (notice that Instagram is there), it will be even cooler.

[Thanks andrew_bogd]