Fresh Huawei P9 Dummy Shots Revealed; Slim Bezels and Glass Camera Panel Highlighted

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Huawei is prepping big time for the event on April 6th, when they’ll unveil the P9 models, 4 of them it seems. There’s a new leak every day now and today’s involves the dummy unit of the Huawei P9 apparently.

huawei p9 leaked dummy  (1)

Shown on the web courtesy of, this leak reveals some design aspects of the flagship we couldn’t see detailed below. For example, we see that the camera department, where the dual sensors and the flash are, plus the laser focus are covered by a piece of protective glass. The screen bezels also seem to be very narrow, but hopefully this time there won’t be a black border around the actual image, like before.

huawei p9 leaked dummy  (2)

Huawei also got rid of the two speaker grille approach and only used one, placed on the right side. There also seems to be an USB Type C port at the bottom and the device is so skinny, that the audio jack is barely the width of the device.

huawei p9 leaked dummy  (3)

huawei p9 leaked dummy  (4)

huawei p9 leaked dummy  (5)

huawei p9 leaked dummy  (6)


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