Huawei 1X May be a Fancy Replacement for Huawei Y Series (Video)

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Huawei has already tackled the segment of 4 camera phones with the Huawei Mate 10 Lite, but honestly speaking, they could have done much better. I wasn’t impressed by any of the cameras on that device. Anyway, now we see here another attempt at a 4 camera phone, this time one rendered by Gurpreet Singh: Huawei 1X.

Seen from the side the device may well be a Galaxy S, but it’s actually not. It’s got big side buttons and a narrow bezel display. No trace of Home button here, just virtual ones. I find the UI rather bizarre, since the elements on screen are very big, like the battery symbol. This may mean we get a lower resolution, something like HD or HD+ here. I also spotted a rather small back camera, a dual one with original flash placement.

This time the two flashes go between the two camera sensors. I can’t exactly tell what material is being used here, but my best bet would be polycarbonate for sure. One thing going for the Huawei 1X is how slim it is. The lack of a fingerprint scanner baffles me, so it either has a kickass face authentication or maybe an in display fingerprint scanner. Should we call this the Huawei Mate 11 Lite or just a Huawei Y?

[via Gurpreet Singh]

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