Forget About OnePlus 6! OnePlus Zone Concept Rendered by Michael Muleba

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People seem a bit underwhelmed by the display cutout of the OnePlus 6, so that’s why we tried to find a device that changes the paradigm completely. We came across the OnePlus Zone concept phone created by Michael Muleba, who tried some different at last.

The OnePlus concept phone has a gently curved back side, in order to better fit into your palm. It’s got a special illuminating logo and multiple fancy lights on the side. Those color lights are used for the notifications, each color for a type of notification. From what I understood, this is a buttonless phone, one that relies simply on gestures and a very large edge to edge screen.

The corners are curved here and the bezels are almost zero. This concept phone reminds me of those that were created before the first iPhone came out. Everybody envisioned a curvier phone, like a pebble or close to it. That glossy approach is here, at the front and back, too. The back side is ornated with a big racing stripe type of thing, making it feel like a gaming phone or a fashion phone maybe.

If I were to have a choice, I’d choose carbon fiber, kevlar, ceramic or other cool materials for the back of the device.

[via Michael Muleba]

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