Huawei P X Concept is the Next Step After Huawei P10, Has Edge to Edge Screen

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Michael Muleba rendered some very nice phones over the past years, basing his designs on a lot of glass. The latest concept is no exception and the Huawei P X render is supposed to be an alternative to the Huawei P10, one that pushes an edge to edge display to the front.

There’s a 24 megapixel back camera here, with Carl Zeiss optics and the handset comes in 3 metal finishes, plus 2 color matte finishes as well. An iris scanner has been included this time and a 25 minute quick charger. The design language doesn’t feel typical for Huawei and the logo at the back feels a bit overkill, if you ask me. The facade is kind of nice looking, not Xiaomi Mi MIX nice, but still nice.

I also think that the Huawei logo at the front is not needed, since we have the huge one at the back. The earpiece area is kind of nice though. The glass and metal approach included here makes me think of the Galaxy A 2016 models and the ZenFone 3 a bit…

[via Michael Muleba]

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