Nokia 1 is a Stylish Budget Phone, Clad in Metal (Video)

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Leave it to Concept Creator to give up sleep just for the sake of creating concept after concept after concept. Today we are treated to the Nokia 1, a stylish budget machine, that finally ditches the Lumia identity.

I’m only judging by the nomenclature that new Nokia applied, so I guess the Nokia 1 would be lesser specced than the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. Or it could be a flaghsip, to spoil all the patterns… The designer didn’t mention any specs, so let’s analyze what the video below reveals. We seem to be getting a metal case and a small lid at the bottom, letting us remove the cover and access the battery and slots.

The two tone color approach feels old school and quite elegant here, particularly in the red version. This feels like the Xperia XA of the Nokia lineup, at least judging by the narrow bezel screen uprfont. The camera has a dual tone flash, probably a 13 MP resolution and what seems to be a generous speaker below it. I can’t find any trace of fingerprint scanner here, but maybe it’s embedded within that space below the screen, where a Home button ought to be.

This feels more like something Alcatel would make…


[via Concept Creator]

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