Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Teaser Trailer is Dramatic

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Xiaomi is possibly the company with the least hype surrounding future flagships, if you ask me. I mean, we’ve got the over leaked Galaxy S8, the often conceptualized iPhone 8 and the non existing HTC 11… Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 has already received a few concepts, but one more gets added today, thanks to Concept Creator.

The device has a crazy 93% screen to body ratio and it gets a dramatic teaser trailer below. Why dramatic? Because of the background music, of course! The handset is expected to be slimmer, keep the ceramic back, have a slide out camera and totally impress. The latest Snapdragon CPU should be on board and I’m wondering if there’s a dual camera in the mix or not.

A curved screen panel upfront is pretty much a given, while the back side should look like the one of the Mi MIX first gen unit. Considering the crazy 93% screen to body ratio the only thing to cut here is the lower bezel of the screen. Of course there will be no trace of earpiece or front camera here, totally replaced by other mechanisms.

The earpiece is replaced by a vibration system and the front camera is now a pull out mechanism. Fancy this approach?

[via Concept Creator]

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