So, Have You Seen the Huawei Honor Magic? That’s How It’s Done!

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Interestingly, one would say that the real magic of the Huawei Honor Magic lies in the design. Apparently, it’s in fact the cool AI and associated features on board that make it so extra special. Yes, the device has a rather nifty design, but we’ll tackle that after the break.


The built in AI lets the phone know who you are, by recognizing your eyes and not letting anyone else see the notifications for example, if their eyes don’t match what’s been scanned. The hands are also scanned to see if it’s really you. The handset also knows when it’s being put in the pocket or pulled out, so it lights up or down as need be.


The GPS and calendar work together to show you useful info, like your boarding pass at the airport or a tracking number when you’re at the post office. Specs are similar to the ones of the Huawei Honor 8, including the 4 GB of RAM and Kirin 950 CPU. Available in golden black and porcelain white, this model is only sold in China for starters and we can only hope it’ll get a global release.


What’s interesting for me is that all the official press releases and the sites covering the phone basically avoided covering the design. As the video below shows, we get two curved panels, that stick together with the aid of a metal frame, but they’re more curved and bulbous than your average 2.5D glass panel. The glass goes a long way towards the edges and it has superb shine to it.

The fingerprint scanner is at the front and waistline is less than 7 mm. A fitting reply to the Xiaomi Mi MIX I’d say.







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