Huawei Mate RS Turbo Porsche Design Gets a Sort of Crown Button, Triple Camera

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There was a concept Huawei phone at the end of August that somehow went under my radar. It’s a fashion phone of sorts, the Huawei Mate RS Turbo/ Porsche Design and it’s the creation of Phone Industry. It’s not just your average Huawei, as it comes with a triple back camera and even a sort of crown button.

Inspired by the original Huwei Mate RS, this concept phone also borrows heavily from other Porsche Design products and also from supercars. It’s supposed to emulate the feeling of a race car and it includes carbon elements. Those are both for the sake of design and also for safety, as they protect the device from drops. Carbon details were integrated so users could feel the material better in their handsets.

The back and front are still covered with glass, so I’m guessing just the sides have carbon. The bottom charging port and audio jack are implemented like exhaust pipes, placed in a carbon edge. Two small slits for speakers are also at the bottom and the top another two deliver a quad speaker experience. An original feature is the “ringer wheel”, which switches the phone in modes like City, Comfort or Sport.

It’s basically a glorified Silent/Mute/Loud switch and also an unlock button. The color hues have been borrowed from classic Porsche cars and include pearl white, black and a combo of blue and red. I have to say I’m digging the back camera design a lot, perhaps even more than the Huawei Mate 20 concepts and leak. Also the bitonal approach is done better than the Google Pixel’s.

[via Phone Industry]

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