LG G4 2015 Render Gets Rid of the Bezels… For Good (Video)

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One of the biggest aspirations of phone makers is to get rid of the bezels and make a phone thinner. If you ask me, LG started it all with the LG G2 model, that had very slim screen edges. Well, let’s see how that evolves into the LG G4 concept below, designed by DBS Videography.

LG G4 concept 2015 1

So, this time we’re dealing with a real phablet, a 5.7 incher, with a 4K resolution and a non existing bezel. The handset has a dual camera with 24 megapixel resolution (each sensor) and the LG G4 is supposed to be the very first 4K display phone. LG G3 had more problems than gains because of the 2K display, so I doubt it’s time for 4K one.

LG G4 concept 2015 2

Such a screen is a battery killer, but someday we’ll surely see such a resolution on a smartphone. The back side totally reminds me of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the volume buttons at the back are now more discrete than ever. I can’t quite figure out where the On/Off button went and I also can’t exactly tell where the dual camera is placed… Interestingly, we get dual front speakers here.

LG G4 concept 2015 3

[via DBS Videography]

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