LG G5 Gets Rendered by DBS Design, Inspired by LG G Edge (Video)

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The latest rumors have the LG G5 launching a month from now, most likely at MWC 2015, which is way early than the previous flagships. That means it’s also time for even more concepts and renders of the device, such as the ones below.

LG G5 DBS concept 2016 1

Created by DBS Design, these ones show us a smartphone inspired by the LG G Edge handset created by the same designers last fall. The newcomer brings a 5.5 inch IPS Quantum 4K display, runs Android 6.1 and relies on an USB Type C port for connectivity. There’s a fingerprint scanner in the mix, most likely integrated within the back Power button, as rumored.

LG G5 DBS concept 2016 2

It also appears that this LG G5 render keeps its back volume buttons, in spite of the rumors saying they’re going to go to the side. A future Snapdragon 830 CPU is on board, plus 5 GB of RAM and a dual infrared port. The main camera is a 24 megapixel one, while the front camera steps it all the way up to 16 megapixels.

A 5000 mAh removable battery powerups up this product. A bit overkill with the specs right? The design isn’t bad, particularly the rounded edges of the back, feeling like the Note 5 a bit.

LG G5 DBS concept 2016 3

LG G5 DBS concept 2016 4

[via DBS Design]

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