LG G6 Gets Leaked, Then Appears in Professional Render; Looking Good!

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The LG G5 was a failure, so LG has all the reason to deliver a stellar LG G6, to try and fight the potentially great Samsung Galaxy S8, that’s expected to grace us with its presence. We’ve seen very few leaks of the LG flagship, so every time one happens, we get excited. We actually get a duo today, as the device partially leaked and then a designer took the leak and turned into a bigger render.

Originally, all we had was the top part of the phone, in the leak shown below. Then came designer VenyaGeskin1 and created the render below, fully showing the facade of the newcomer. Sources say that we’re getting a 5.7 inch screen here, with an iris scanner above it and no trace of Home or capacitive buttons upfront. Sources say that the LG G6 will have a screen to body ratio of over 90%.

It’s also claimed to adopt a metal frame and a glass back, plus a waterproof approach. LG is not ready to give up on the audio jack and the back should feature a dual camera. To me the render doesn’t exactly show 90% screen to body, but we’ll get there. Looks better than the G5 at first sight I’d say. It also looks very slim, so I hope the battery is good. We’ll find out more at MWC 2017.

[via The Verge]

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