LG KM900 Mockup Gets Sold?

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Welcome to our world, Unwired View folks! Every now and then, one of our readers asks us if a certain concept phone is for sale and the answer is obviously “NOT”. Now, Unwired View have found out that LG is readying a pretty hot music phone, the KM900 and did a mockup of the device, which you can check out below.

No problem so far, right? Things got strange, when a British retailer started “selling” the phone, using Unwired View’s mockup…


Beepy.co.uk is the retailer in question, taking pre-orders of the KM900, that seems to work on T-Mobile UK. The handset is available for 85 pounds and it packs 3G, WiFi, a 240 x 400 pixels touchscreen, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headset jack.

Kind of strange to sell something that doesn’t even exist yet, isn’t it?

[via Unwired View]