PSP Phone 3000 Is Also a PS3 Concept

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We’ve missed showing PSP Phone concepts, specially since they’re all we’ve got right now, because Sony prefers to focus on the their losses and crisis, instead of a potential console/phone.

The PSP Phone 3000 was designed by YouTube user ivanUshline and it packs two sensor analogs that can be used like mini touch pads and a touchscreen display with support for multitouch.


According to the designer, this PSP Phone is very small and it’s also a portable PS3, using Mini Blue Ray disks and the classic Memory Stick Pro Duo. The device is a dual sliding one, so you’ll have to slide to the right to reveal the gaming controls or to the left to reveal the numeric keypad. The “Start”, “Select” and “Home” buttons are now virtual ones, accessible via touchscreen.

What do you think? Is this concept far from reality or is it doable in let’s say 2 years?

[via YouTube]