LG V20 Design by DBS Team Is A total Improvement Over the LG V10 (Video)

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As I’m sure you already know, LG has already sent out invites to the press event it’s going to host on September 6th in San Francisco, where they’re going to unveil the LG V20. Since the V10 was so well received, we’re getting hyped up and excited over its follow up, that just got a render below.

LG V20 concept DBS Team design (1)

The handset gives us some very welcome additions, like a dual back camera and also a stylus. These are necessary if LG wants to defeat the Galaxy Note 7 and make up for the less than impressive LG G5 sales. Created by the DBS Team, this concept of the LG V20 is stunning looking and keeps the secondary screen above the main one, plus the dual camera next to it. It’s a 5.7 inch device with a Quad HD resolution and Android 7.0 Nougat as the OS.

LG V20 concept DBS Team design (2)

The back somehow gives me vibes of the first Nokia Pureview 808 model and I just can’t explain why. There’s a fingerprint scanner found under the LG front logo, under the glass panel and there’s also 64 or 128 GB of storage here, plus 6 GB of RAM. We get a 13 megapixel dual front camera on the device, with F/1.8 lens and 24 megapixel dual rear camera with F/1.7 lens.

A deca core CPU keeps this model running and a brand new LG Smart Stylus Pen is an extra nifty addition. Modularity is also available, via a set of pins at the back, in Moto Z fashion. How cool is this LG V20 concept?

LG V20 concept DBS Team design (3)

LG V20 concept DBS Team design (4)

[via DBS Team]

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