Nexus 5 Design by Derek Kopet Gets Updated

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Remember the Nexus 5 design from here? Well, the designer behind it, Derek Kopet has decided to update it, considering all the comments received on this device. The handset still goes for $299 (supposed price tag) and it’s still made by LG supposedly.

nexus 5 derek kopet

This Nexus 5 concept features 4G LTE connectivity, an edge to edge 5 inch IPS HD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. There’s also a front speaker in there and that trademark notification light at the bottom. The smartphone integrates a 13 megapixel camera, 3 GB of RAM and a 3140 mAh battery, as well.

Compared to the design from March, this Nexus 5 is a bit more elongated and seems to have a more proeminent metal edge. I guess that this model made by LG runs either Android 4.3 or Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. So, do you think this model is changed enough compared to the Nexus 4?

[via Derek Kopet]

  • Noel

    I do like the strategic placement of the front speakers between the notification led. I hope Google adopts a similar design but keep the device around the same size as the N4 <135mm tall. A Snapdragon 800 should must be at its core with 32/64GB capacity options and a 3333+ mAh battery.

  • asherpat

    At last, someone understands the importance of symmetry of the actual screen position on the vertical axis (ie equidistant from edges) and symmetry of the edges themselves.

    Apple understood it in 2006, but almost no device has it. Even HTC One, who I hate to say it, copies the lines of iPhone 5, while the display cover is equidistant, the actual display underneath it (smaller than the cover) is offset to the top). Same mistake on the otherwise beautiful Nokia Lumia 800 (which is original, not copying anyone, but alas, diluted in later Nokias) – but even Nokia doesn’t understand the importance of vertical symmetry.

    In fact, sometimes the display is closer to the top, sometimes to the bottom of the device and it beats me, what are the considerations of the designers and then it dawns on me – they don’t even think about it, it just lands somewhere convenient for the hardware guys…except Apple, that everyone except Nokia seems to try to copy but does not even understand what makes Apple designs so elegan.