Lumia Atom Has a Tough Metal Structure and Polycarbonate Inserts (Video)

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Since we came across the Microsoft Xphone from Kaustubh Adhav, we looked up the designer’s portofolio and found the Lumia Atom concept phone. He sees this as a futuristic device, with a “rigid construction” and a tough metal frame structure.

Microsoft Lumia Atom concept 1

Polycarbonate inserts are included here and the interesting bit is that the Lumia Atom has a dual display setup, that together forms a large 6 inch combined screen. The screen slides down and forms a more compact model, that can fit in the pocket more easily. Lumia Atom comes with two primary microphones and feels like a compact device for teenagers.

Microsoft Lumia Atom concept 3

There’s a hinge through the middle of the device, that doesn’t make it look very appealing, so I prefer it in compact mode. The speakers look good and the angular design is also good looking here, but if the hinge would be invisible, it would be better. We’ve got a 20 megapixel camera at the back and Windows 10 is available here, that changes its functioning mode in the 6 inch and 3.9 inch mode.

[via Behance]

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