Lumia One concept is the Ultimate Minimalistic Phone

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The creation of Ronan Hand from Ireland, Lumia One is a concept phone that aims at changing the typical Lumia format. This is supposed to be a minimalistic flagship, that’s all screen at the front.

Lumia One concept 1

It’s rendered using SolidWorks, Keyshot and Sketch Book and has no ports or buttons, only a single switch used for screen locking purposes. The handset is supposed to “click together”, acting as a Home button and it uses induction charging and wireless headphones, in order to get rid of ports. Lumia One has a truly edge to edge display, or better said a wraparound screen, covering the sides too.

Lumia One concept 2

This slab of glass can be tucked into an aluminum body shell, that hosts the wireless charging part and “Home button”. Specs include a Super AMOLED screen panel, a 30 megapixel camera and an octa core processor. The screen we mentioned is omnidirectional, meaning that it can scroll content vertically or horizontally in all directions.

Lumia One concept 3

Lumia One concept 4

Lumia One concept 5

[via Behance]

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