Microsoft Lumia 850 Gets 3D Render and Dimensions Leaked by @OnLeaks

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Microsoft Lumia 950 has just arrived in stores and meanwhile a “lite” version is being prepared for the market. It’s dubbed Lumia 850 and has just leaked in the pictures and video below. The leak comes from @OnLeaks, together with the dimensions of the device.

Microsoft Lumia 850 render leak 1

This doesn’t come as a surprise, since we’re also expecting the Lumia 750 and 650 to pop up, after the Lumia 550 was already launched. Now back to the Lumia 850, it feels a lot like those renders of the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X that leaked before the devices were out. The typical Lumia design is kept, but the back camera seems to protrude more than on the Lumia 950.

Microsoft Lumia 850 render leak 2

The handset measures 155.90 mm in length, 77.23 mm in width and a pretty slim 6.92 mm in thickness. The latter goes to 8.5 mm if the camera bump is taken into account. Interestingly the microUSB port is at the top and the audio jack at the bottom, plus rumors about a flash at the front, for the selfie camera.

Microsoft Lumia 850 render leak 3

Microsoft Lumia 850 render leak 4

Microsoft Lumia 850 render leak 5

Microsoft Lumia 850 render leak 6

[via OnLeaks and GSMDome]

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