Microsoft Lumia 955 Concept Design Created by Crowtor, Looks Hella Elegant

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Designer Crowtor has created a new Microsoft Lumia concept phone, the Lumia 955, possibly the most elegant device we’ve seen under this brand. The triple LED flash is accompanied by a very cool metal ring for the protruding camera, that was made to look very fashionable.

Microsoft Lumia 955 concept design 1

The Lumia 955 has a 5.3 inch Quad HD screen and the smartphone measures 8.7 mm in thickness. It measures 5.8 mm at the corners, 7 mm in the middle of the edges and 8.7 in the very midst. The camera protrusion takes everything up a notch, reaching 9.1 mm in thickness. The device is also shown in the video below and from what I can see it’s slightly angled, or slightly curved.

Microsoft Lumia 955 concept design 2

The handset seems to use a lot of metal, even by modern standards. I guess it comes with Continuum 2.0 and the more I look at the back, the more it feels like it’s a leather texture of sorts. That’s one solid smartphone/cameraphone. Now if only Lumia doesn’t tank before the year is out…

Microsoft Lumia 955 concept design 3

Microsoft Lumia 955 concept design 4

Lumia 955 Concept from johny last on Vimeo.

[via Crowtor]

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