Microsoft Surface Duo is a Failure, But the Surface Solo Saves the Day

Ever since October 1st when the Microsoft Surface Duo was announced I’ve been saying it will be DOA (Dead on Arrival). Lo and behold the first reviews are in and the device is buggy… Not to mention it has a small battery, no microSD, last gen CPU, a mere 11 MP camera which is placed weirdly and software issues. Luckily, imagination saves us, as designer Jonas Daehnert envisioned the Microsoft Surface Solo and pretty much saved the day.

Jonas is not your average Phone Designer (his nickame by the way), since he’s been creating Surface Phone concepts ever since Nokia belonged to Microsoft. Now he’s back with exactly that, a Surface Solo, which keeps only the good parts of the Surface Duo. People have been saying online that his concept design feels a lot like an iPhone 8 mixed with the iPhone XR. In fact it’s a Surface Duo cut in half, with a selfie camera in a punch hole and a main singular back cam.

The bezels are a bit thick, but I canlive with them. We get rounded corners, a “slab” format and a side placed fingerprint scanner. It’s not embedded in the power button, but rather separated. Sometimes less is more, so much more in this case. I can’t exactly say which materials have been used here, but in general a Surface device is all about magnesium. The back of the Surface Solo does feel a bit like polycarbonate, or some sort of frosted glass. It’s very dotted and textured, so it’s probably not glass.

I see we also get stereo speakers, or at least symmetrical cutouts at the bottom. The Android with Microsoft launcher is stilll here, plus the Surface logo, which would be nice to see lit up. I would’ve liked at least a dual back camera, since a singular one is not enough nowadays, to be honest. Also, I just had a last minute idea: why not replace the second screen with a special case, like LG was offering with the LG V devices. We could get a keyboard case, a case with a second screen and more, making your Solo a Duo.

Looking forward to seeing this made by Jonas!

via Jonas Daehnert

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