Microsoft Surface Watch is Minimalistic and… Textile

You know what’s missing from the Microsoft Surface ecosystem? So, they’ve got a stylus, a dual screen phone, tablet, laptop, headphones and presentation screen. A watch would be a good idea and that’s exactly what designer Reiten Cheng is showing us. Meet the Microsoft Surface Watch!

The materials stay true to the other Microsoft Surface products, so we get a magnesium alloy chassis and Alcantara band. I’m not sure how alcantara will feel once you start sweating though… The tile-based interface is also present, reminding us of the failures and maybe some of the good things about Windows Phone. Just as tiles are ready to be phased out from the Start Menu.

This concept Surface Watch is minimalistic and quite bold in its approach. It’s closer to an analog watch rather than a digital one. It will be interesting to see the rectangular tile UI on a round screen. There’s a rim around the dial, working as an interactive input method. The adjustable band brings a pretty interesting mechanism: you can adjust the clasp by pushing a Microsoft branded button.

Well, actually I was wrong in the intro of the article, there was a wearable at some point, the Microsoft Band, but it failed to attract audience. We also get a pulse sensor, 5 ATM protection and hopefully a decent battery life. Honestly I love the belt locking mechanism more than anything here. That’s one aspect where so many companies get it wrong, or use the typical watch approach.

Hopefully this gets made and not at a huge price.

via Yanko Design

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