5.4 inch iPhone 12 Gets Rendered in Very vivid Colors

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Turns out we’ve missed out on one of the most viral iPhone 12 concepts out there. We’re talking about the 5.4 inch iPhone 12, which has been rendered by Svetapple and looks very much like a toy, but it will definitely have its audience. Let’s check it out.

Just like the entire iPhone 12 lineup, the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 adopts a more squared look and seems to borrow the metal frame from the iPhone 4. The square camera module looks similar to the iPhone 11 one and I’m pretty happy that it doesn’t protrude. The overall shape of the device changes quite a bit from the previous generation. The iPhone 12 will have flat edges in all the 4 versions available this Fall. By the way, the date September 10th keeps getting mentioned as the official unveiling date.

In spite of the compromises made to achieve a lower price (probably a HD screen again, but an OLED), the build will still be metal and glass. Colors include purple, blue, red, yellow, green and white. The notch appears to be smaller and also the bezels are a bit tinier. Aside from the 5.4 inch iPhone 12, there should also be a 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Max model, for those who want a bigger device. The source of the renders mentions an Apple A14 Bionic CPU, 4 GB of RAM and 5G connectivity, plus a starting price of 749 euros.

All of these sound plausible.

via svetapple.sk

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