Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Introduction Video Reveals Under Display Camera, 150X Zoom Cam

Everybody is talking about under display cameras these days, as the next step in smartphone evolution. ZTE has very good chances of being the first company with such a feature, as the ZTE Axon 20 5G comes on September 1st. Xiaomi also has a device of this kind coming, since a recent patent revealed such a project. Well, Techconfigurations turned it into reality below. Meet the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra!

There’s a lot happening with this flagship! First of all, the top part of the screen turns transparent in order for the selfie camera to work. The back side includes a pretty solid setup, a quad camera, with 150x zoom and right next to it there’s a secondary screen. The periscope camera is a 48 MP shooter here and the main cam is a 64 MP unit. The facade includes a very curved screen, but it’s by no means a waterfall display. The rear screen is used to capture high end selfies, which kind of feels like it replaces the need for a REAL selfie camera.

You can also get notifications on that second screen. The fingerprint scanner now works all over the screen and we’re using a 6.7 inch OLED here with 120 Hz refresh rate. The standard Full HD+ res is available here. Charging goes crazy, up to 120W, on a battery that’s smaller than the expected 5000 mAh. 50W wireless charging is another feat which may impress you. The color choices are green, purple, blue, brown and light green. Honestly, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G had everything and the kitchen sink, so it’s hard to imagine an upgrade.

The thing that got me was the separation of speakers: two for music and a third as the earpiece. How crazy is that? How about you? Would you trade away the under display selfie camera for taking selfies with the main cam via second screen?

via Techconfigurations

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