New Surface Phone render Features Interesting Keyboard Accessory

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David Cooltions imagined a brand new Surface Phone concept, shown below. We’re dealing with a smartphone with a big display, that also features a touch keyboard accessory of sorts, even involving a set of numeric keys and a mouse-like area.

surface phone new 2013

The Microsoft Surface Phone packs a 5 inch display, most likely a Full HD one, plus a 1.5 GHz quad core CPU, probably a Qualcomm Snapdragon unit. There’s 2 GB of RAM on board, a touch case, as the designer calls it and 16 GB of storage. The facade of the phone is rather flat and the Windows Phone buttons are separated from the main body for some reason.

There’s also a moving kickstand that allows the device to it propped up as shown in the picture above. Not sure how the touch case would work and if it also has letter keys or not. Well, as long as the smartphone is slim, I’m not bothered by the strange form factor…

[via Google+]