Nokia Lumia 1025 Phablet concept Created by Jonas Daehnert

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The brilliant account Phone Designer on Facebook is in fact the place where you can find the works of Jonas Daehnert, a great designers of Nokia concept phones. His latest work involves the Nokia Lumia 1025 phablet, with a 6 inch 1920 x 1152 pixel screen.

Nokia Lumia 1025 phablet concept 1

The design is inspired by the leaks shown below, that have been appearing on the web lately, saying we’re bound to get a Nokia phablet launched in the near future. Nokia has a big event scheduled for September 25th or so, maybe a return of its famous Nokia World series of events. Anyway, back to the Lumia 1025, this phablet features a 15:9 aspect, it’s just 8 mm thick and it’s a power house.

Nokia Lumia 1025 phablet concept 2

The design seems to be metallic and we get a 12 megapixel Pureview camera at the back. The camera area resembles the one of the Nokia Lumia 1020, so this is basically that model, only bigger and probably packing a stylus somewhere on the side. We already showed you another Nokia Lumia 1025 concept  and they keep on coming!

[via Phone Designer]

  • SuperMAG

    Can someone make a concept utility smartphone for me, would like to know how it would look like with all the features that i want in it.

    I want this device to be the ultimate device with all the features to date that you can carry in your pocket, yes it will be heavy and big, but it will have all the features. It will have the best cameraphone, projector, Tv and dual OS as main features.

    Starting with the basic features. I want

    Screen size: 4.7i.
    Resolution: 1080p.
    Processor: Snapdragon 800.
    Storage: 64gb, with micro sd card.
    Thickness: 15-20 at the thickest point, while 10-12 at lowest.
    Weight: Not more then 210g

    OS: Duel boot (with physical button to to be on one of the sides), Windows Phone 8.1 and Android OS Latest.

    -Sensor size, 1 type Exmor CMOS sensor like sony rx100, variable aperture or f1.8.
    -55 megapixel camera with 5x pureview zoom.
    -Super OIS or better OIS which remove not only the handshake, but also softens the movement when walking or turning the camera.
    – Video at 1080p at 24,30 and 60.
    – Duel xenion flash (like the one in 1020), one of each side of the camera, to allow wider stronger flash, while accompanied with 3 led flashes on sides and in the middle for video.

    Projector: At least like samsung galaxy beam projector if not better, which is 15-lumen DLP nHD (640×360) pico projector. I would perfer if its a bit higher resolution since its 2 years old tech.

    Other Features:
    – I want camera lens area to be round with place to add optical zoom lens without cover, as an accessory.
    – To have HD Stereo Recorder like that of 808/1020 or even better.
    – To have wireless charging built in.
    – To have all the latest sensors and new tech.

  • asherpat

    Jonas is the best interpreter of the design language pioneered in the N9/Lumia 800 (and these two handsets are still the best looking lumias). If Nokia wud hire him and followed his incredibly elegant ideas, the following Lumias wud not have looked so bland.

    His designs for the Lumia mini-tablets are so yummy, one just wants to gobble them…