Windows 9 Flexible Smartphone Features a Beautiful Steampunk Allure

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One of the most beautiful Windows Phone concepts I’ve ever seen is the Future Windows 9 smartphone created by Kent Dechjun. The product is supposed to be running Windows 9, although by now it’s pretty clear this is Windows 10 we’re dealing with here.

windows 9 smartphone concept

The device seems to be a flexible one, or at least curved and there’s something very HTC-like about it. There’s also a steampunk vibe coming from the fact you can see the innards of the smartphone when the screen is off, as far as I understood. This means that when the screen is on, it’s all tiles and colors, but when it’s off, you can actually see the CPU, RAM, memory and other small chipsets.

The curved phone only has a top and bottom edge, while the screen bezel is almost non existing on the sides. The Future Windows 9 phone looks like a solid concept, one that’s easy to grip and it certainly beats a new Lumia, if you ask me.

[via Coroflot]

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