Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Concept Brings Interesting Notification System

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There’s a fresh fan made Windows Phone 8.1 Blue concept, that finally brings a decent notification system to Microsoft’s platform. The renders were created by Yanko Andreev for 1800PocketPC and they show a new approach to the UI and functions of WP.


Andreev added more Live Tile sizes, got rid of the margins on the left and right sides of the Start screen (totally) and also added groups for app lists. There’s also a new Device Center, listing stuff like the device’s battery life, brightness level and this one can be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen.

There’s also the option to have a list of recent notifications from apps. The designer also included cloud syncing here, with all the settings, files, preferences and browser favourites being synced between all sorts of Windows devices. Windows Phone 8.1 is also said to bring Full HD screen support and 5 inch diagonals. We also get a Files app, a file manager that looks very hot, as shown in the source link below.

What do you think of this new version of Windows Phone?

[via 1800PocketPC]

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  • asherpat

    I have a Lumia 800 with “WP8-like” start screen. I love the external design of the N9/early-Lumias dearly, but this is another issue.

    Regarding the Windows “Live Tiles” – currently, the cant be called “Live”, maximum “Stoned”…

    What Microsoft MUST do (but I suspect that Apple will do it before them) it to make the live-tiles really live, meaning that they can present video, in a loop if necessary, animation (imagine the iOS settings icon’s cogs really moving constantly), enable switches on them, make the whol thing rotate into landscape (why the hell do I have to rotate physicaly in the middle of a video clip to check arriving SMS? and for heaven’s sake, do a rotation lock!!!)

    I cud also think about more options, just to be creative and innovative to allow the edges of the tiles to glow or “soften”, or at all something futuristic. OPEN the design, Softie, or see Apple do it!

  • TK

    Hate it.