Xbox Dream, the Console of the Future, Compatible With Kinect

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Joseph Dumary joins the series of designers who showed us Xbox-related ideas this week, so we get to see his beautiful Xbox Dream concept. Although not portable, this device is too hot not to be showcased on our site. It supports Kinect Visio and chatting in high def with over 6 people at the same time.

Multitasking is also supported, so you can do multiple things at once (listen to music, watch videos online, resume a game). Cloud storage is also an option for the Xbox Dream concept console, that uses the DP Connect technology to get rid of wires and reach your TV wirelessly (max distance 7.5 meters).

Up to 10 TV sets can be connected to a single console via wireless, so it’ll be interesting if you have a neighbor with a TV that’s DLNA compatible. YouTube and social networking also join the feature list for a glossy console that’s close to perfection.

[Thanks Joseph]