Xbox Surface Tablet Specs Leaked + Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Render Appears

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We’re just minutes away from the big Microsoft event from June 18th, that will maybe announce a new tablet. Rumors have just leaked the specs for what seems to be an Xbox tablet called Surface. And meanwhile, while we have no picture to go with the launch, there’s a nifty render done by Deviantart user Alextc1, showing a Windows 8 slate with a design that looks as if it’s made by Nokia.

The tablet reminds me of the Lumia handsets and it’s very glossy and elegant. Moving on to the Xbox Surface tablet, this gaming device will supposedly come with a 7 inch multitouch LED display, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, SD card slot, two IBM Power7 SCMs, with a total of 12 cores doing all the work and a frequency of 3.1 GHz. There’s also 16MB of PSRAM, 5GB of DDR3 main memory at 800 MHz, a custom 28 nm GPU y AMD and 1.2GB GDDR memory. Add to that Full Direct3D 11 support, 4 USB 3.0 ports and 1440p output and you have one of the best consoles out there.

Storage should be around 250GB and supposedly, the Xbox Surface also comes with some sort of Kinect control. More details and specs can be found in our source link below and we have no idea if these are the real and genuine specifications or if there is such a thing as an Xbox tablet. Anyway, what do you think about the tablet render above?

[via Tablet News and Deviantart]

  • Anonymous

    it looks too shiny, it will be horrible to use in sunlight

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  • Alex

    I had a vison of something similar about 4 years ago. There is no doubt all these large corporations like intel are already more than 30 years ahead in technological progress. They could have made 25 cores 10ghz processor or what ever comes next that won’t require any cooling or a petabyte solidstate drive but why rush things&?! Lets make sh** load of money by selling things step by step from slowest to fastest. Money based economy kills the world and if we carry on living this way, eventually very soon it will all come to an end. End of the world. ((