This Could be the Next Lenovo Motorola Smartphone

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It appears that the next Lenovo Moto smartphone has leaked, according to a tip from Vaibhav Jain. The device is pictured below and looks a bit like a HTC One A9 with a moved camera and gone plastic antenna lines.

motorola smartphone leak

Last I heard, Motorola was being dissolved into Lenovo, so their brand may not appear as often on future devices. The Moto X and Moto G 2016 may just be the last Moto models we’ll ever see. This is merely a leaked render or tentative sketch, so we can’t try to read too much into it. Lenovo already has a solid portofolio of phones and they also have the ZUK spinoff to keep people interested.

The smartphone shown here has rounded edges, a metal body and a pretty small camera by Moto standards. They usually have huge sensors at the back side, in my experience. Is this model ready to take on the Galaxy S7?

[Thanks Vaibhav Jain]

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