Moto 360 Shown in Beautiful Hands on Shots, Dock Also Pictured

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Motorola Moto 360 is a beautiful smartwatch, that we’re expecting impatiently, but till it comes, we’ve got a leak or two showing us its case and its dock. I have to admit this is probably the first time I’m seeing the back of the device and how thick it actually is.

moto 360 leak 6

It’s also very nice looking and it seems to adopt a metallic body, judging by the back area. However, that stainless steel part is encased in a plastic case, so it’s not all metal. There’s a physical button on the side setting up the device and the dock has a very Nexus-ish vibe to it. The belt of the smartwatch is a bit too massive and thick for such a fine piece of gear, but better sturdy than sorry, right?

I also see that the glass of the front of the Moto 360 is slightly elevated and that we’ve got a special animation for the charging, with a Tron blue appearance. My only complaint regarding the Motorola smartwatch is the fact it seems relatively thick compared to my expectations. What do you think of the Moto 360 shown in these leaks? I’d trade a square watch for this round unit any day, but I do fancy the Gear Fit design more.

moto 360 leak 5

moto 360 leak 4

moto 360 leak 3

moto 360 leak 2

moto 360 leak 1

[via mistergadget]

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