Gold iPhone 6 is Pure Eye Candy

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Martin Hajek has a concept iPhone 6 that has been all over the web today, but I’m not going to be mainstream and cover that…yet. Instead, let’s check out another one of his new renders, the iPhone 6 gold and I do mean GOLD. The handset is meant to be a luxury smartphone, with a price over $4000.

Gold iPhone 6 concept 1

This blinged iPhone 6 features a gold plated case, diamonds on the Apple logo, you know, the usual customizations for soccer players, movie stars or mobsters. This is not your typical golden iPhone, since the color here is much stronger and glossier. Even the Touch ID ring is shiny and golden, but every time I see a model like this I can’t help but wonder: will those diamonds fall off or not.

Gold iPhone 6 concept 2

Simply imagine all the rubbing that goes on with pulling the phone out of a pair of jeans, or a fancy purse, or whatever rich people keep their iPhones in. The typical iPhone 6 design from the leaks is kept by Martin Hajek and only the material choice is changed here, in favour of gold. I remember a story from a few years ago, when a certain shade of white case did damage to the pictures taken with the handset, by causing reflections.

Won’t the gold affect pictures as well?

Gold iPhone 6 concept 3

Gold iPhone 6 concept 4

Gold iPhone 6 concept 5

Gold iPhone 6 concept 6

Gold iPhone 6 concept 7

[via Martin Hajek]

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