Motorola EDGE Phone Borrows Some Elements from StarTAC and RAZR Classics

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Designer Seungwoo Kim has found inspiration within the Motorola StarTAC and RAZR iconic designs and turned it into the concept he calls EDGE. It’s still a Motorola concept phone, but a modern and stylish model. The designer says that the StarTAC and RAZR are embedded into the people’s memory and wants a similar thing for his EDGE.

Motorola Edge concept 1

In the meantime Motorola has decayed a bit, being passed over from Google to Lenovo. Its Droid designs and the Nexus 6 aren’t impressive, let’s be honest. However the Edge seems to adopt the bold and slim metal case that reminds us of the RAZR. The bold and slim design is here, with a shiny chrome rim to highlight a nifty shiny effect.

Motorola Edge concept 2

There’s aluminum at the back and the Edge doesn’t come with a charging port, relying instead on a wireless charging station. The latter doubles as a speaker and has an unified design, that draws the eyes. I like the extremely sloped chin of the phone, an interesting approach nowadays and I also noticed that the screen is an edge to edge affair.

To me this feels more like RAZR than StarTAC.

Motorola Edge concept 3

[via Behance]

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